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Did you know that stress is not only harmful for your emotional health, but your physical health as well? Try reducing some of the stress in your life if you want to avoid developing some of these oral health problems.


This is teeth grinding and clenching, and it often occurs while you sleep as a result of daily stress. Problems bruxism can cause in your mouth include worn, cracked, or loose teeth.

2—Periodontal Disease

Also known as gum disease, stress increases the risk of having the gums infected by plaque because the stress hormone cortisol weakens the immune system. Cortisol also plays a role in oral tissue destruction.

3—TMJ Disorder

The TMJ (temporomandibular joints) open and close the mouth. When this system develops problems, it can cause pain and a popping noise while chewing. Stress and bruxism are both common causes of TMJ disorder.

4—Burning Mouth Syndrome

Like its names suggests, this syndrome creates a painful, burning sensation in your mouth. Though its cause is unknown, stress is one of the triggers of burning mouth syndrome.

5—Oral Lichen Planus

This autoimmune disorder can create white, lacy patches or red lesions inside of your mouth. Again, stress can trigger this disorder.

6—Cold Sores

Cold sores are blisters that develop around the lips due to the presence of herpes simplex virus 1 in the body. There is no cure for this virus, so avoiding triggers such as stress will prevent the cold sores from reoccurring.

7—Canker Sores

These shallow lesions have an unknown cause, though research suggests that several factors could be at play, including stress.