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It probably doesn’t surprise you to hear that brushing and flossing are extremely important if you want to keep your teeth healthy and strong. You may have heard that you may have to deal with problems like tooth decay and gum disease if you don’t keep your teeth clean. Fortunately, dental crowns could help you deal with these dental issues—as well as with other problems.

Once you’ve had a crown placed, it’s extremely important that you care for it by consistently brushing and flossing. Also, once you’ve had a crown placed, your ability to chew should be comfortably again should be restored. Crowns also benefit your teeth by protecting a weakened or fractured tooth. However, did you know that our team may need some time to prepare your unique crown?

In other words, you may need to visit our team twice if you need a crown—but while your permanent crown is being made, we’ll place a temporary one. This crown will be attached to your damaged tooth with a temporary adhesive. This adhesive can be removed once you come back for your permanent crown. Fortunately, these crowns are be made of metal or of plastic, and should still offer the same protection as a permanent crown can.

If you’re interested in hearing more about having a crown placed in San Francisco, California, or hope to visit with our dentist, please feel free to call One Market Dental at 415.222.9600. We’ll be happy to address any of your concerns and to assess your pearly whites to see if you should consider a crown. We’re excited to hear from you soon.