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When you have a cavity, you want to have it treated as soon as possible in order to prevent other problems from developing. However, before you get the cavity drilled away, ask your dentist about the different options for fillings.

Tooth-Colored Filling

Composite resin is the most natural looking tooth filling available. Made of glass, quartz, and other materials, this is the way to go if you don’t want your filling seen. However, this option can only be used on small to medium sized cavities. Composite resin is also a more expensive kind of filling and less durable.

Gold Filling

Made of gold, copper, and other materials, this is the strongest filling available, sometimes lasting longer than 20 years. However, this type can take longer to make if an impression of the tooth needs to be sent to a dental lab. Additionally, this is the most expensive filling option.

Silver-Colored Filling

This kind of filling is called amalgam and is the most common type used. It is also the most inexpensive kind of filling and very durable. Created from silver, tin, copper, and mercury, amalgam filling is easy to place and hardens quickly.