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Have you heard that caring for your little one’s teeth could actually help your child stay healthier overall? The health of your child’s mouth and the health of your child’s body are connected. There are a few things you should know when it comes to protecting your little one’s oral health.

Poor dental hygiene can have a negative impact on anyone’s smile, regardless of age. Children are as vulnerable to tooth decay as adults are, although decay in children can have a different impact. If your child develops a cavity, they may experience pain and may not chew their food properly. This can make it difficult for your child to absorb enough of the nutrients they need, which can lead to weight loss. This is one reason it’s important for you to help your child brush and floss while they’re young. Typically, you’ll need to help children brush and floss until they’re able to tie their own shoes.

It’s also important to help your child follow a healthy diet. While your little one may love candy and soda, these foods may leave them more vulnerable to cavities. Helping your child follow a good diet can also help them get the nutrients they need. Furthermore, if you teach your child good practices while they’re young, they’ll be more likely to carry these practices into adulthood.

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