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Happy Halloween! With a Spooktacular Halloween on the horizon, we wish you and yours a wonderful holiday. However, be sure to exercise care with your teeth and gums so they can enjoy many more holidays to come. This means practicing effective oral health care routines and being careful of the products you consume.

Numerous products this Halloween season can easily stick to your teeth and gums and increase your risk for advanced tooth decay. This includes gummies, taffy, and caramels, all of which can easily linger in your mouth long after consumption. To avoid dental damage that can occur, avoid sticky and chewy sweets possible.

Hard candies can also produce the same lingering effects but also come with the added risks of chipping or cracking your teeth. If you bite too hard on hard candy such as candy apples, you can easily destroy your smile. Exercise caution when biting into any hard products, including popcorn balls and corn kernels as well. By implementing a plan for keeping your smile safe this holiday season, your smile can thrive for many Halloweens to come!

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