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Losing a baby tooth can be exciting but also a little confusing and worrisome, but thanks to the Tooth Fairy, losing teeth is something children look forward to!

In the United States, children wait for a reward from the Tooth Fairy the same day they lose their tooth. Once they clean their little chomper, they put it in a plastic bag or they wrap it in a paper towel and place it under their pillow right before they go to sleep. In the late hours of the night, the Tooth Fairy comes by and replaces to tooth with some money. When the child wakes up, they check under their pillow and their eyes light up once they see their gift from the Tooth Fairy.

The United States Tooth Fairy is very kind and generous, but what other Tooth Fairies are there in the world? Well, let’s find out!

The Argentinean Tooth Fairy is a kind mouse named Raton Perez. When a child loses a tooth, they put their tooth in a glass of water next to their bed. While they sleep, Raton appears, drinks the water, grabs the tooth, and leaves a gift in the empty glass.

There isn’t a Mongolian Tooth Fairy, but there is a tooth tradition that helps children have strong, healthy teeth. When a child loses their tooth, they put the tooth in a piece of fat and they feed it to a dog. They do this because they want their teeth to be as strong as dog’s teeth. If there isn’t a dog around, they bury it by a tree so the new tooth that grows into their mouth has strong roots.

The French Tooth Fairy is also a kind mouse, but this tiny mouse’s name is La Bonne Petite Souris. When a child loses their tooth, they put the tooth under their pillow and they fall asleep. During the night, Petite Souris will visit the child and will replace the tooth with money or candy.

There isn’t a Tooth Fairy in Turkey, but they do have a tooth tradition. The parents of the child who loses their tooth believe that the lost tooth holds the child’s future. If they want their child to be a fantastic soccer player, they bury the tooth in a soccer field. If they want their child to go to dental school, they bury the tooth on dental school grounds.

El Salvador
The Tooth Fairy in El Salvador is a small, kind rabbit. Once a child loses their tooth, they put the tooth under the pillow. As they sleep, the rabbit will come and take the tooth, leaving behind money.